Parent Connect Coffee Mornings (Group Parent Coaching)

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At Parent Connect coffee mornings, we give you:

  • Practical and easy ways to develop your child’s best potential
  • Ways to develop your child’s emotional intelligence through your day-to-day interactions with them
  • Consistent learning and practice gives you the opportunity to create the happy family you really want!

We also give you solutions to:

  • Satisfying your Frustration and Needs - How to satisfy your own frustration and needs during your child’s different phases. i.e. your happiness is not dependant on their behaviour or performance
  • Influencing them Effectively - How to influence them effectively by understanding yourself and how your needs influence the way you interact with them
  • Developing True Connection - Developing true connection and open communication with your children

The challenges and pressures parents face with their children are huge. There is so much social pressure around whether our children are performing the way they need to be.

Are they meeting their milestones? Are they achieving what they need to in school? What do we do with the pressures and opinions of those around us? How does it make us feel?

We realise the importance of looking at these questions because they impact our actions as parents, our beliefs about ourselves and the influence this has on our children’s beliefs about themselves. As parents, we really matter. It is about taking a deeper look into what drives our actions and achievements as well as our children’s.


In other words, it is about focusing on the inner game rather than the outer game (ours and theirs).

We have created a programme that addresses the outer challenges parents have and how to shift that focus and understand them, from an inner perspective. This is what truly gives us the power to influence our children effectively. We can’t control the world around us, but we can control how we perceive things, manage and react to it. It is those perceptions and actions that influence how our children develop.

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